Как сказать dance party по-русски?

I’m 1/2 Russian, but with my whole self I love you, Russian Lady. Brooke and I last Saturday 03-21-15, delighted by downtown Hartford (and no, we did not attend ‘the parade’ – I’m 1/2 Irish as well, so thanks but no thanks :)), dodged the drunkards, survived boring conversation, drank for nearly nothing, and overall enjoyed a fabulous Saturday night (and morning). Happy [almost] Friday.unnamed unnamed-2 unnamed-1

[iPhone photography by Ms. B. Aiello]

my own private igloo

a view from each window in the octagon:

Photo on 3-21-15 at 10.50 AM Photo on 3-21-15 at 10.51 AM #3Photo on 3-21-15 at 10.51 AM #2 !

Photo on 3-21-15 at 10.51 AM #4 Photo on 3-21-15 at 10.52 AMhappy plantsPhoto on 3-21-15 at 10.52 AM #2Nathan’s new 1987 Celica

Photo on 3-21-15 at 10.53 AMsubliminal advertising of Guerlain

Photo on 3-21-15 at 10.53 AM #3 scary monsters.

2015’s First Day of Spring has arrived. Our gift of hospitality is 5 inches of fresh snow.

Henry Land is no Pictureplane (there could only ever be one), but he is absolutely killing it with this material.


(warning: watching the video for the original mix of Calvin Harris’ “I Need Your Love” will make your heart break for Palms, parties, suntans, good sex, and the smell of Hawaiian Tropic.)

Welcome to Saturday.