room with a new view

Everybody loves opinions. The Forest Room is the greatest local artist in the New Haven area, if not the whole state of Connecticut (wow!). Matt’s performance at Cafe 9 a couple weeks ago was so outstanding it gave my brain chills and altered my physical state in the best fashion: it was the greatest show I have seen in years. (Sitting here while writing such a declaration wearing a Germs t-shirt and listening to Ellie Goulding is delightfully amusing to me.)

One of the things I adore about New Haven is that there almost always seems to be something happening. For those of us who do not posses neatly contained, typical ‘weekends’, deeply appreciate this quality of the city.



hands to the streets, outstretched

The city of New Haven is a strange place. I have been frequenting and fondling, and ultimately slinking away – either willingly or reluctantly – for nine years, bridged by its fat, loud, lovable neighbor, New York (just don’t dare confuse the two).

Watching the day break now over Wooster Square on my Sunday, here’s to staying – for now – and embracing the cyclical nature of my relationship with old and new Elm City; a caffeine toast to holding sanity or something like it.